Live Visualization with Hypar Hub


  • Start the hub. From the command line do hypar hub. See the hub instructions here.
  • Open Revit, go to the addins tab, and look for the Hypar Panel. These two buttons start and stop the connection to the hypar hub.
    • notion image
  • Clicking on Hypar Hub Start will start visualization of the hub in your current active 3D view. You may need to rotate/pan/zoom to get the visualization to show.
  • Clicking on Hypar Hub Stop will stop syncing with the hub.
  • NOTE: If after rotate/pan/zoom, you still don't see visualization of your workflow geometry in the view, the hub may be misconfigured. Ensure that the hub references your workflow, and that the workflow is set to sync with the active Revit model. For more information on setting up the hub go here.


  • The Hypar Revit log is available at C:/Users/{you}/./hypar/hypar-revit.log. If you run into problems, you can send that log to

Known Limitations

  • When the hub is first started, you will not see any visualizations until you zoom, pan, or rotate. This is a limitation of Revit's RefreshActiveView API which does not work as advertised.
  • Transparency is not currently supported.