How do I load all the Hypar Space Revit families into an existing project or template?

To load the Hypar Space revit families into an existing Revit project or Template, you'll need to export all the families from the example project.

1. Download the families

You can download the Revit families directly from this link:
After downloading, unzip to a location on your disk.
Alternately, if you've already downloaded the RVT model, you can extract the families from the file, although this can take a while.
Extract families from the Revit model
First, make sure you have downloaded the RVT file from this link:
Then, open the model in Revit.
In the project browser, right click Families and choose Save...:
notion image
Then pick a location at which to save the exported families.
The export process may take a few minutes.

2. Load the families into your project or template

In your new project or template, go to the Insert tab and choose Load Family.
notion image
Navigate to the folder where the families are saved, select all (Ctrl+A), and choose Open. This will begin loading the families into your project. This process can take a few minutes, and you may need to dismiss a few conflicts along the way:
notion image
Once this process finishes, you're ready to import your Hypar Space JSON export!