Hypar for Revit

NOTE: Hypar for Revit is currently in beta. Do not use Hypar for Revit for production work.

Getting Started with Hypar for Revit

Hypar for Revit is a Revit addin that allows you to connect your Revit models to your Hypar workflows in two ways. If you want live visualization of your hypar workflow as context inside your Revit model you can use the Hypar Hub, to stream the data from your workflow directly into the Revit view. If you would like to integrate Hypar into your design work, you can extract Revit models into Hypar json files, use that json model as part of your Hypar workflow, and then use custom converters to bring your results back into Revit. See below for more information on these two paths.
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  • Download and install the latest Revit plugin installer fromย releases page. You may get an error from Windows Defender, please click More info and choose Run anyway. We recognize this issue and are working to fix it.
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  • The first time you install Revit, you may need to unblock the add-in on this screen by choosing Always Load.
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Now what?

Congratulations, you have installed Hypar for Revit successfully! ๐Ÿ™Œ There are two main things you may want to do with Revit.

Visualize Hypar results live in Revit

Live Visualization with Hypar Hub

Interop: everyone's favorite thing

If you would like to bring Revit data into Hypar or "bake" Hypar results back to Revit, you will need to use converters.