Developing on Hypar

This section covers the topics and skills you'll need to develop tools on Hypar.
Elements 2.0 is out! Please read the Elements 2.0 Release page for instructions on how to update your functions, there are some important changes, especially with the Curve types.
Want to take your own logic + expertise and build your own function to run on Hypar? For an overview, check out:
πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»Hypar CLI Overview⌨️Making Hypar Functions
Or jump straight to creating functions in the language of your choice:
Want to see what classes and methods are available in the open source Elements library? Check out our API docs: πŸ“‘Β API Docs
Want to define your own custom BIM data types, with their own sets of data + geometry? Check out this section on custom types in Elements:
πŸ’ Types
Explore the Hypar CLI to connect your Desktop seamlessly with Hypar.
Build solutions on top of the Hypar MEP framework for systems like piping and ductwork!