What happens when I share a workflow?
Any time you share a Hypar workflow with someone, you can choose from 3 different levels of access to give them:
  • Public: checking this box gives access to anyone with the link. They can view and make their own copy of the workflow.
  • View: allows someone to view and make their own copy of the workflow. They cannot make any edits or changes to your workflow.
  • Edit: allows someone to edit your workflow.
Can you collaborate in Hypar?
Yes! Follow the steps above to share your model and give your collaborator Edit permissions. You’ll then be able to work together in Hypar.
How do I change the units of measure?
Click the “More” icon in the lower left hand menu, then “Toggle Units”. This will change units from imperial to metric (and vice versa). Hovering over “Toggle Units” will show you which units you’re currently using.
Can Hypar be used offline?
Hypar is a cloud-based tool and lives online. It cannot be used offline.
Have something else on your mind? We’re here to help.
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