Installing and using the Hypar Command Line Interface (CLI)

  • Open a Command Prompt (cmd.exeΒ on Windows, or Terminal on Mac or Linux) and input the following command to install the Hypar CLI:
    • bash
      dotnet tool install -g hypar.cli
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  • Close and reopen the Command Prompt to finish the installation.
  • Sign in to Hypar with this command in the Command Prompt:
    • bash
      hypar sign-in
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      Note, if you are using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) you will likely need to install xdg-open. This is required for our connection to the browser to complete sign-in. If using Ubuntu this can be installed using sudo apt install xdg-utils

      Great success! πŸ₯³

      Learn more about the Hypar CLI and what you can do with it!