Hypar Plug-in for Rhino


To get started using the Hypar plugin for Rhino, run the PackageManager command in Rhino (if you're in Rhino 6, use TestPackageManager β€” it might not look like it's there, but it's there - just type and hit enter.)
Search for Hypar, select HyparForRhino, pick the latest version, and click install:
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Restart Rhino, and the plug-in should be installed.


Once installed, you can download any the model for any Hypar workflow with the controls in the lower-left hand corner of the UI. Choose the JSON option:
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Then, in Rhino, run the Import command. You can pick a .JSON file directly, or filter to just Hypar .JSON files.
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Objects will be grouped into layers by their type.
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