We're excited to introduce new features and tools this month, particularly our Space Planning for Healthcare Product. Keen on getting access to this early tool? Consider joining as a pilot tester.

October Highlights:

  1. Hypar for Healthcare - Our response to evolving design needs.
  1. Better Collaboration in Real Time - Streamline coordination to make better decisions.
  1. Content Portal V1.0 - Automate your own stuff!
  1. Preview Program - An ongoing opportunity for feedback and testing

🚑 Hypar for Healthcare Pilot 🚑

Over the past year, through more than 100 discussions, we've sensed a significant shift in space design needs. We've recognized the pressing need for better space planning tools for healthcare planners.
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Incorporating valuable feedback, advancing our drawing tools, and building out V1 of our Content Portal has shaped Hypar for Healthcare. To get you started, you’ll find an updated Space Planning Template with a new sample healthcare project and Hypar-curated healthcare rooms. If you're interested in exploring more, sign-up to be a pilot tester.

✨ Better Collaboration in Real Time✨

Collaborate together in real time! See other team members’ cursors and interactions live on you Hypar model, eliminating the need for disjointed video calls or delayed feedback.
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Additionally, we're delighted to introduce Walkthrough Mode, an immersive experience that lets you and your clients make better design decisions by understanding models more intuitively.
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🏡 A Home for your Content 🏡

Introducing our Content Portal! Have a library of rooms? You can now upload those along with all their FF&E from Revit to Hypar and then back into Revit via our Plug-in. More details are available here.
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Custom Spaces from Revit rooms are just the beginning. Looking ahead, you’ll be able to import any content into Hypar and enrich it with automation and intelligence.

💖 Community 💖

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Preview Program! The Preview Program lets members of our community give feedback on new features in-flight on an ongoing basis (as opposed to the pilot, which is for a specific product).
As a member, you'll gain free, unlimited access to new features, help shape their development, and have your voice heard!

We’re here to help. 💬 Email us at info@hypar.io with questions or ideas to improve Hypar.
For a more in-depth look at our features, check out our 🔗 docs page.